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“Staff of the local paper Курьер.Среда (Kurer-Sreda) were immediately intrigued by the project and set out to replicate it in what they called “Один из 97000″ or “One of the 97,000,” a nod to the Berdsk’s 97,000 residents. The number of staff was less than you can count on two hands, yet within hours they began reporting and capturing photos and audio, despite a considerably fewer resources than a major news organization like the Times. Also unlike the New York Times, there are no Flash developers in the newsroom so the staff took a low-tech approach. They built photo slideshows with the free program Windows Movie Maker, uploaded them to YouTube and posted to the site. They also created photo stories accompanied by text… The result is a compelling series of multimedia stories that offer insight into the lives of the citizens of Berdsk.”

“[…] to put it in one bleak sentence, no medium has ever survived the indifference of 25-year-olds.”

—   Clay Shirky on the newspaper’s eventual demise.

The future of journalism lies in the hands of engineers.

Society of Professional Journalists release (ponderous) digital media guide.

Fascinating - the evolution of an editor's career over 20 years.

Craig of Craig's List is nerdily excited about the future of news media.

The new model for news curation and selection, I feel, will be a balance of professional editing and collaborative news filtering. In one incarnation, news organizations will look at feeds from highly respected news fans, and that will drive stories that are featured more prominently.

Aside, why are certain sentences bolded? Is it Newmark’s doing? Or a newfangled editorial convention to facilitate skimming?

NYT: Tina Brown ventures into "insta-publishing" dead tree books.

Titles published by Beast Books will be about 40,000 words or 150 pages long, with a turnaround time of 2 to 5 months. Exciting!!

Washington Post to halt publication of National Weekly Edition.

“Our subscriber base is literally dying off.”

Just mildly appalled that the WSJ copyeditor didn’t get “weblog” correct.